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MakerSpace leaders are invited to submit interactive and informative sessions on activities and research relevant to the maker community.


To know more about NAMES 2024 MakerSpace, please check the following Introductry Meetup

How to Propose Your Contribution?

Please use this form to submit your contribution proposal; alternatively, you can send the following information to by the deadline:

  1. Contribution Format

    Proposals of different formats need to elaborate the purpose of the format and explain it clearly; such proposals must list all session speakers/workshop leaders.

    • Short Talk (10-min)
    • Workshop (60-90 min; please specify the preferred duration)
    • MakerSpace Contribution (45-75 min; please specify the preferred duration)
    • Case Study (please specify preferred presentation)
    • Other (please specify)
  2. Contribution Title (50 characters)
  3. Contribution Summary (150-300 words)
  4. Learning Outcomes (150 words max)
  5. Full name (first and last), contact information, and basic information about the qualifications for the person submitting the contribution idea and any co contributors (if applicable).
  6. Short biography of each contributor, as applicable. (150 words per presenter)
    *A link to the biography page, website, or public-facing social media for each presenter is recommended.
  7. Additional information and/or special requirements (if applicable)


For more information, please refer back to NAMES 2024 Conference Program | Call for Contributions.