'How Can Language Change to Maximize its Efficiency?'

Language and communication are inseparable; daily oral language changes to keep up with the evolving words and expressions, to make communication easier. Likewise, the American Sign Language (ASL), which is used by deaf and hard-of-hearing people and uses visual-gestural modality, has also changed over years to maximize the efficiency of its processing. Researchers in a new study from Boston University published in the journal Cognition suggest this is an evolution to make it easier for people to recognize signs.

'Tinkering in STEM; More Than Fun!'

You may remember the broken bridge that you created while still a child to carry a huge truck, till it came into pieces. You might have tried another one, with better construction to be more solid; once, twice and more. To be more aware and confident with your construction, you might have used your senses to explore the physical properties of materials, took things apart then put them together to figure out how things work.
Whether it worked or not, this is not the point; the idea of constructing such designs with simple tools and having this mindset of creating are what lie behind very important concepts in science learning: tinkering and making.

'Could Virtual Classrooms Help Preschoolers Develop Reading Skills'

When asked to embody the learning environment in a sketch, our minds usually pick a scene in which a child is sitting in a classroom, reading or writing in an open book. Our minds normally link learning with physical classrooms; however, the pandemic has changed several concepts in different domains. In learning, while online learning has become a norm, virtual classrooms have replaced real ones in the space and the role they play.

'Methods and Types of Science Communication'

People, since a very young age, tend to watch, listen, and analyze everything around them. Seeking knowledge has never been limited to some people; it is embedded in all of us. Since scientific knowledge explains most of the events and phenomena happening around us, the importance of its acquisition has become a must.