'Different Stages of Development; Different Educational Needs'

Age is not just a number! Each day of development means a new stage with specific needs on the intellectual, emotional, and physical scales. Besides a healthy environment and the necessary care for healthy growth, children need specific responses and treatment from caregivers and educators to help them learn and stimulate their brains in a good way.

'How to Better Prepare Children for Formal Education?'

Good preparation plays a key role in the final results of almost every aspect of our lives; before an exam, interview, meeting, etc. Although these seem to be all related to adults, preschool children's preparation for school seems to be of high importance as well; it predicts their future engagement and success in class.

'The Role of Developing a Growth Mindset in the Learning Process'

Our mindsets can shape our lives, either positively or negatively. It is not always about how big the problem or how complicated the situation is; many times, it depends on our understanding and the way we respond is what determines the outcomes. Simply put, it depends on our mindset.

'Guided Play Enhances Children’s Learning'

The first thing that pops up into our mind when we hear the word “play” is free time, fun, more fun, and no instructions. However, guided play could have much more benefits and enhance children’s learning according to a new study that has shown that guided play until age 8 years old improves children’s engagement and enhances their learning abilities.