'Different Sustainability Practices and Elements in Science Centers and Museums'

It is undeniable that preserving our natural resources has become an urgent issue to which each one of us can actively contribute, starting with wasting less food and water, avoiding non-eco-friendly products, and choosing energy-efficient appliances over others. On a larger scale, science centers and museums can have more noticeable sustainability efforts. To meet this goal, several science centers and museums have been raising public awareness of sustainability through their design and structure, as well as immersive experiences and interactive games.

'Do Not Overlook These Behavioral Categories in Exhibition Evaluation'

Evaluation highlights the results of any activity; as such, exhibition evaluation is key to figuring out how successful the exhibition is/was and what should be further implemented or eliminated. While there are several categories to be evaluated in an exhibition, such as the setting, messages delivered, and so on, evaluating different behavioral categories should not be overlooked during this process.

'Why Should Educators Dismiss the “Repeat After Me” Concept?'

The “Repeat After Me” concept has been linked to the educational process for so long, as there has been a widely spread belief that repetition helps learners better learn and memorize newly learned words. However, recent research has shown that repeating new vocabulary right after hearing it is not the best way to learn, and may have a negative effect on learning, while silently listening to the new word or pausing before pronouncing it is a better option to reach good results.

'Active Learning Methods are Best for Addressing Sustainability Issues'

Researchers have shed light on the importance of shifting from traditional learning approaches to more innovative and active methods that shift the focus from the teacher to the learner. This approach has been tested on learners from different levels, from toddlers, to teenagers and university-level learners; the results indicated its efficacy.