'Bigger Temperature Change Causes Larger Extinction Events'

Extinction has always been a source of fear and amazement. While visiting a museum or watching a documentary about extinct species, wonder creeps into our minds and souls as we imagine how these huge creatures had ever lived on the Earth. This amazement exaggerates as we do not know exactly how this happened and what caused such events.

'How to Organize a Successful Science Outreach Event?'

While educational institutions that deliver formal and informal science education play a key role in science communication and enriching people interested in science with knowledge, this does not mean these institutions are the sole places where this could be done. In other words, science cannot be confined within four walls.

'Restoring Communication: A Brain-to-Text System'

A new study has revived the hope of restoring the ability to communicate through handwriting in people paralyzed from the neck down through converting thoughts into text.

'Learning Strategies that Generate Better Outcomes'

Learning strategies are not created equal and so are their outcomes. This means that effort is not the only important factor in the learning process and should be exerted in the right direction, within the right strategy, to get better outcomes. Therefore, teaching learners to use effective learning strategies on their own is as important as teaching teachers to implement that in their teaching process.