The Future of Science Centers

Future Trajectories for STEM Education at Virginia Air and Space Center

What exactly is the future role for science and technology-related free-choice learning centers in fostering student engagement, critical thinking, lifelong learning, and workforce development? Do we have a responsibility to address long-term issues pertaining to the United States’ competitive advantage such that no child is left behind? Isn’t it true that every country needs to have a science literate public and that no country can afford to leave anyone behind?

Model, Talent, Mission: What Species Is Your Science Center?

As we consider the future and reflect on our transition from museums with collections to science centers with interactive exhibits, we ask ourselves: What are we evolving into next? The unique environmental stressors and opportunities in each of our communities are shaping the “natural selection” of our science centers. Could we be evolving into distinctly different species and away from our common ancestors of the early- and mid-20th century?