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NAMES 2018: Call for Hosting Proposals

26 Mar 2017

NAMES Biennial Conferences are a most valuable opportunity for members of the budding science communication community within the North Africa and Middle East region to come together to share experiences, challenges, and solutions; to network and mingle with members of the greater and more diversified global science communication community with its decades-worth of collective experience and knowledge.

Contribution/Participation in NAMES Biennial Conferences is  open to science communicators and those interested in science communication from all walks of life and  from all over the world:

  • CEOs and Leaders of Existing Science Centers and Museums;
  • Leaders of Emerging Science Centers and Museums;
  • Program Developers, Exhibits’ Designers, Curators, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, Fundraising and Development Staff and other professionals in the field;
  • Decision Makers  and Creative Thinkers; 
  • Free lance Experts and Consultants in the field;
  • Researchers and  Scientists; and,
  • Representatives of International Science Centers and Museums.

Our next conference, NAMES 2018, is scheduled to take place sometime between October and December 2018. NAMES Executive Team is currently in the phase of reviewing Hosting Proposals to decide which NAMES Member will host our next conference, as well as exact dates, theme and sub-themes. The Call of Hosting Proposals is open until Sunday, 30 April; don’t miss out if your NAMES member institution is interested and capable of hosting NAMES 6th Biennial Conference and General Assembly Meeting (GAM) according to the attached Hosting Guidelines and Procedures.