The Scientific Center of Kuwait

Type of Institution: Science Center/Museum
Telephone: 00965 - 1848888


The Scientific Center Kuwait (TSCK) was borne from the vision of His Highness the former Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah (God rest his soul), who was inspired to build a center that excites children and adults alike about the wonders of science and encourages them to innovate in and engage with the various scientific fields, to help build a sustainable future for the country of the State of Kuwait. As such, the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences was tasked with creating a hub where people of all ages and backgrounds could come together in the interest of science and its role in our futures.

Established in April of 2000 with a mission to promote science, technology, and a culture of science in Kuwait, it was launched with three main attractions: The Aquarium, The Discovery Place, and The IMAX Theater. Each of these attractions focus on delivering science in locally relevant and fun, yet educational, ways.

In addition to this core tenet, the Scientific Center built into its core Mission, Vision and Values the need to help build a sustainable environment, leading to numerous initiatives in the interest of saving local animal life, protecting the Arabian Gulf, and educating the public on environmental pollution.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors experience The Scientific Center every year, with over 11 million visitors having walked through its doors since opening. Whether students on field trips, families enjoying membership with its exclusive perks and programs, or tourists from around the world, science and the wonders of science have helped people of all ages and walks of life understand their world and look to a sustainable future through experiences at The Scientific Center.



  • Mijbil Al-Mutawa Aquarium
  • Discovery Place
  • IMAX Theater
  • Dhow Harbor
  • Summer/Winter Camps
  • Science Workshops
  • Environmental Campaigns 
  • Annual Events (Environment month, Space Month, Shark Week)
  • School Programs