Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Science and Technology Center (SciTech)

Type of Institution: Science Center/Museum
Country: Saudi Arabia
Membership Category: Full Members
Fax: 00966 3 8967778
Telephone: 00966 3 8967777


Scitech is affiliated with King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. The basic aim of the Center is to educate the community in the principles of science and its applications. Through experiments and observation, Scitech simplifies and explains science via engaging and interactive ‘edutainment’ methods depending on education level of the participants. It is comprised of seven (7) main exhibit halls, which deal with varying sciences and ‎technologies. These halls include more than 350 scientific exhibits. There is also a scientific dome showcasing a state of the art IMAX theater as well as an astronomic observatory. Additionally, the building contains ‎a Conference Hall, the Educational Unit, a spacious Temporary Exhibitions Hall, and the ‎Administrative and Services Facilities.


Scitech comprises and/or offers the following services:


1) Scientific Halls:

  • Earth and Space: Through this hall you can discover and explore the universe, wondrous phenomena, and the laws of nature. In the Earth and Space Hall, you will journey to the furthest distances of the solar system and gain a clearer understanding of man-made spaceships.
  • Our Beautiful Seas: In this hall, you can discover insights into the seas from around the world. Watch the wonderful dolphins in their natural habitat while being immersed into their marvelous world. Discover the deep black places at the ‎bottom of ocean, where marvelous creatures organize and construct colonies around underwater volcanoes. You can follow synchronized movement of schools of fish and their brilliant neon colors. All while peering into a huge aquarium containing coral reef. There is also much to be learned about the creatures along the shoreline as well as the secrets of the Al-Qarm trees.
  • Discovery Oasis: The Discovery Oasis Hall provides ‎shopping, driving, cooking and building, fly through the Kingdom’s skies, ‎shooting water from water guns, making bubbles and swimming in air in a safe atmosphere for children from 4 to 8 years old. There are also displays of reptiles, desert animals and numerous games to played.
  • The Living World: In the Living World Hall, you will learn about the human body, its internal systems and how each performs its designed role. In this hall, you will have a opportunity to witness the efficiency of the human body first hand  on a bicycle. Afterwards, learn how our own vision can deceive us via several visual illusions. You can also test your hearing capacity. Furthermore, you can witness firsthand the developmental stages of a human from its inception as an embryo. In the hall of living creatures, you can acquaint yourself with numerous plants and animals that share this planet with us. Explore a camel’s skeletal structure and come to understand its intended purpose. In the Living World Hall, you can also learn about the characteristics of numerous creatures and understand that every creature, regardless of size, contributes in some way to circle of life. You will have an opportunity to learn how Earth’s diverse wildlife can survive in its equally diverse environments, from deserts, to mountains, to tundra.
  • Wonders of Science: In the Wonders of Science Hall, you are invited on a research ship to sail alone or with your family and friends to explore the dazzling miracle of this amazing and fascinating universe. You will discover explanations for previously confusing phenomenon. Your daily experiences will be transformed when you begin searching for and practicing with the information that you will be exposed to in this hall.
  • Amazing Technology: In the Amazing Technology Hall, you will be given a chance to learn about several human innovations and their governing scientific principles. Discover how robots work, how images are made on a micro scale, or how messages are sent around the world. Come to understand the binary system of ones and zeros that underlie most electronic devices. Search and explore the manufacturing and technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Go on a tour of a desalination plant or oil refinery and learn how raw oil is converted into plastic materials. See some of the largest and tallest buildings in the world. Assemble the parts of a car’s engine and learn why these technologies will be obsolete in the future.

2) IMAX:

The Science Dome can accommodate 193 visitors and displays the most recent scientific films. These movies encourage visitors to lend due importance to the science and technology. The films are designed to be interesting and encourage viewers to interact with and become part of the movie. This goal is accomplished by using state of the art IMAX and DIGI STAR devices. There are shows about space, unique physical phenomena and other scientific areas of study. The Science Dome is one of the first of its type in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

3) Observatory:

The observatory’s primary role is to integrate the Scientific Halls, Science Dome, laboratories and specialized courses with a social activity. The observatory is considered one of the most noteworthy attractions at the Center. It is located in the north east corner of the building and is open for viewing during special celestial events and other noteworthy occasions.

4) Educational Unit:

  • The Educational Unit is dedicated to be a distinguished reference of creative ideas and ‎innovating programs, to impart the culture of science and technology to ‎the Gulf community.
  • The Educational Unit is responsible for:
    a) Changing mistaken principles, which include changing ideas, identity, convictions and values.
    b) Inspiring interest.
    c) Developing skills: technical, artistic, administrative and Personal.
    d) Developing relations.
    e) Introducing Good Examples.

5) Publications: