Kayseri Science Center

Type of Institution: Science Center/Museum
Country: Turkey
Membership Category: Full Members
Fax: 0090 352 207 1668
Telephone: 0090 352 207 1728


Kayseri Science Center is a nonprofit organization and multidisciplinary science center. It is the second science center in Turkey that includes indoor, permanent and temporary exhibits, outdoor permanent exhibition, planetarium, auditorium, library, restaurant, parking lot, and museum store. Our science center’s governing authority is municipality of Kayseri.


Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality makes life easy in a fair, fast, and qualified way by meeting the economic, social, and cultural needs of Kayseri’s population within the duties and authorities frame given with the regulations.


Our vision is to reach the world standards of service;

  • with an adequate number of well-educated staff,
  • by completing our institutionalization,
  • by grounding on performance,
  • by giving priority to the use of technology,
  • by giving importance to plan and project, and
  • by prioritizing transparency and participation.


  • Innovative, participatory, transparent institution and management mentality;
  • Fair, qualified, fast, and creditworthy service;
  • Management capacity;
  • Townsman satisfaction;
  • Social municipality