Honorary Members

Honorary membership may only be granted by election of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the BoD and must be based on particular merits in the field of science or science communication.

* The hereunder members are listed alphabetically.
List of Honorary Members

Scitech is affiliated with King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. The basic aim of the Center is to educate the community in the principles of science and its applications. Through experiments and observation, Scitech simplifies and explains science via engaging and interactive ‘edutainment’ methods depending on education level of the participants. It is comprised of seven (7) main exhibit halls, which deal with varying sciences and ‎technologies. These halls include more than 350 scientific exhibits. There is also a scientific dome showcasing a state of the art IMAX theater as well as an astronomic observatory. Additionally, the building contains ‎a Conference Hall, the Educational Unit, a spacious Temporary Exhibitions Hall, and the ‎Administrative and Services Facilities.

Tunis Science City is an institution charged with disseminating Science to the lay-public and particularly to the young. Its objective is to open up science to everyone regardless of their educational background. The Tunis Science City is charged with: Stirring the citizens' intellectual curiosity, responding to the citizens' concern and enabling them to understand the technological choices which affect their lives and reinforcing children's interest in science and sparking their curiosity. The visitors, whether youngsters or adults are invited to handle and touch scientific hands-on put at their disposal within the scientific and interactive exhibitions. Thus, they can play while learning in a convivial atmosphere.