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Travel and Accommodation

Hotel Information

NAMES 2014 Organizing Commitee  is pleased to offer the following rates for the conference's attendees:

1) Almira Hotel (5 Stars)
    -- SNG ROOM / PR NIGHT / BB: 165,-TL (inc. VAT)
    -- DBL ROOM / PER NIGHT / BB: 250,-TL (inc.  VAT)
    -- Website:

2) Kervansaray Hotel (4 Stars)
    -- SNG ROOM / PER NIGHT / BB: 85,-TL + 8% VAT
    -- DBL ROOM / PER NIGHT / BB: 185,-TL + 8% VAT
    -- Website:

3) Burcman Hotel (3 Stars)
    -- SNG ROOM / PR NIGHT / BB: 120-TL (inc.  VAT)
    -- DBL ROOM / PER NIGHT / BB: 200,-TL (inc.  VAT)
    -- Website:

4) Artic Hotel (3 Stars)
    -- SNG ROOM / PR NIGHT / BB: 120,-TL (inc. VAT)
    -- DBL ROOM / PER NIGHT / BB: 190,-TL (inc. VAT)
    -- Website:

City Tour

Please note that on the last day of the conference—Sunday, 9 November— after lunch at “Kayhan Doner Sofrasi”, there will be a visit to the Green Mosque and the neighbouring Green Mausoleum, both world-renowned for their superb tile decoration. Also, we will visit the late 14th century Great Mosque, and the Koza Han, which was the centre of the silk trade for centuries. After enjoying a cable car ride up the slopes of Mount Olympus (Turkish Uludağ), we will drive to the village of Cumalıkızık. This is one of the best preserved Ottoman villages in Turkey with scores of picturesque houses built in the traditional style. Lunch is at one of Bursa’s finest Turkish restaurants. After the tour, we will return to the hotel.
 Those interested in the abovementioned City Tour are required to kindly pay a fees of EUR 50 at the Registration Desk any time before the end of the 2nd day of the conference; that is, before 17:00 pm on Saturday, 8 November, to guarantee a place on the City Tour.